Monday, September 19, 2005

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

last of pics cont...

last of the pics

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Day 10...figured out how to add pics!!!

Day 10 - Madonna's New Album Cover

TIFF 05 Awards

A UK-South African collaboration that traces six days in the life of a ruthless gang leader has won the People's Choice Award at the 30th annual Toronto International Film Festival.

Tsotsi, a film by Gavin Hood and based on the novel by Athol Fugard, was selected by audiences as their favourite of 335 films from 52 countries screened over 10 days at the festival.

The Toronto-City Award for best Canadian feature went to Jean-Marc Vallee's C.R.A.Z.Y., a cinematic homage to the pop culture-saturated middle class of the 1970s.

Two first-timers shared the Citytv Award for best Canadian First Feature: Louise Archambault's Familia and Michael Mabbott's The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico. The filmmakers had to share a single trophy, at least for the moment.

The Discovery Award, voted on by international media, went to Australian Sarah Watt's Look Both Ways, while the FIPRESCI Prize, chosen by an international jury of film critics, went to South Korean Kang Yi-kwan's Sa-Kwa.

Day 10 - Off Topic Stephen Dorff FullFrontal

Just read this online kinda graphic description, but I'll leave it as is since I find it amusing but oscene (also fullfrontal aroused state in Le Temps Qui Reste):

at the Toronto Film Festival a movie called Shadowboxer starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Stephen Dorff plays a mob guy and there is a scene where is f*cking this girl from behind. He gets pissed at the noise outside his room, and pulls out of the girl to reveal his cock with a rubber still on it! It didn't look hard, but it was definitely a good 6" - 7" for sure. Not too thick, but had length.

Day 10 & J.A. on Oprah Monday!

Alert: Jennifer Aniston's first post-Brad doing Angelina T.V. interview on Oprah this Monday! Set those PVR's!

So it's all over...keeping this one brief.

I will do a final entry summing up the whole fest plus my favourite and worst films list.

Le Temps Qui Rests = 8.4/10
Look Both Ways = 5.5/10

Darren and I somehow always dislike the final film...glad we didn't break tradition this year.

So after my final entry (coming soon) I'm going to take a couple days rest before starting up a whole new blog. My new permanant blog will be all about celebs, movies, t.v. and other fun things...stay tuned


Day 10

Todays movies are:

Le Temps Que Restes (sp?) and Look Both Ways.

I thought about rushing the Timberlake movie, Edison, but Darren says he's seen enough :-P

End of Day 9

I'm a wee bit sad the the film festival is coming to an end. Kinda like Christmas Day after all the presents are opened :-(

51 Birch St = 8/10
Little Fish = 6.7/10
Transamerica = 9/10

Amazing performance pluss an unexpected Full frontal of Felicty goodness! Check out Transmerica when it opens. William H Macy accompanied her tonight...that's sweet. She's obviously with him for his personality. I wonder if she was insulted when she was asked to play the role of a man having a sex change to become a woman? Regardless, sweet, funny, touching film

Tomorrow...A Francois Ozon film, the name escapes me right now, and an Australian film, who's name I can't think of as my mind isn't working.

Our last day tomorrow...links to the rest of the films to come and some photos will be oline sometime Saturday evening.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Day 9

I just read some of Roger Eberts Film Fest blog...I wish I could review a movie like him, rather than my style of "it was good" Perhaps I may have th skill and have just been too busy/lazy to do it (where does he get the time?)

I've ssen so many films at this point that they are all starting to blur together...and not just hat, I've been hving some really odd dreams and sometimes I think that what I dreamt was actually in one of the movies I saw. Crazy

Darren just told me that he read some of my blog and that my speilling was awful....that's nice.

It's raining..hard...but that's ok because it just means it'll be cool enough to wear something really fall-like

For today:

Little Fish
51 Birch St.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

End of Day 8

L'Enfant 6.5/ 10 (Can't believe this won top honor at Cannes)
Sypmathy for Lady Vengence

And more imprtantly...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger and country singer Kenny Chesney are seeking an annulment after five months of marriage, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.

Publicist Nanci Ryder confirmed that Zellweger and Chesney, who stunned the entertainment world in May with a marriage on a beach in the Caribbean, had split.

Despite their fame and success -- Zellweger won an Academy Award for "Cold Mountain" and Chesney was named entertainer of the year in 2004 by the Country Music Association -- they had largely kept the relationship under wraps until the wedding.

Ryder could not say if either Zellweger, 36, or Chesney, 37, had filed court papers and had no further information about the split, which was first reported on People magazine's Web site.

The couple met at a benefit for tsunami relief and dated for four months before they wed.

Day 8

You ave no idea how excited I am that I got to sleep in today. Those 9am movies are killer. Woohoo!

Darren has a tiny little cold, so I'm a little pissed because what's a little sniffle for him usually turns out to be some torturous flu for me. I swear he must go around licking door-knobs while I'm using purell all the I just got over one of his colds two weeks ago...arghhhh

No news on being invited to any more parties, our lovely friends from Michigan are on their way back home, and only 8 more movies to go...things are beginning to wind down

We are 100% positive that we won't buy the Visa Screening Room packages next year, we do much better with our own selections and don't need TIFF to decide for us any more.

Today is:

The Heart of the Game
Lenfant (which one the top prize at this years Cannes)
Sympathy for Lady Vengence (the third of a thematic tirology, last one we saw was Old Boy which was my favourite of TIFF '04)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

End of Day 7

Britney Spears is a mommie to a little baby it's time to ask...can you or can't you breast feed with implants?

First chance to write today...and it's 11:54 pm

We did our first movie walk-out today... Everlasting regret. It may have been good, but I was just so bored by it..and connfused, as the two main actresses looked the same to me.

No super big star sightings...but Gerrard Butler was at the Beowolf premiere and there were around 20 40yr + women who were part of his fan club who drove from somewhere in the states...sooo friggin wierd...and a bit scary. I've never seen so much acid wash and hairspray in one room since...well ever actually. Cute guy but really people. (also saw Sarah Polly)

The director of Trust the Man, Juliane Morres hubby, was at the screening...he seems realy nice and down to earth. When this movie opens, supoosedly June '06, I HIGHLY rcommend it...really cute funny film.

I'm tired and am going to bed...but since my first movie tomorrow is at 1:15 (The heart of the Game) I'll be able to blog a wee bit tomorrow.

Saw Gwynie on Conan, she mentioned TIFF but not me...guess posing with me for a picture wasn't as memorable for her as it was for me...whatever

Wah Wah = 7.7/10
Trust the Man = 8.5/10
Everlasting Regret = ?
Beowolf and Grendel = 5.5

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

End of Day 6

Ethan Hawk loves popcorn! Our favourite male waif, who looks a little healthier nowadays, was eating popcron like a little piggie tonight (just an aisle and 1 row separated us)

Bobby Cannavale is dating Anabella Sciorra...the two love birds held hands all throughout the screening of Romance and Cigarettes.

Frances McDormand is the quintessential hippy...greasy hair and all...which Coen Bro is she married too Anyhow they were there too. For people with a lot of moola in their bank accounts and oscars on some shelf somewhere, you'd think they bathe before being in public like that.

That dude from CSI was at the Thumbsuckerscreening again with his cunty queeny boyfriend.
Who Revves really loves himself and proved it by laughing the loudest and leaning forward whenever he was on the screen...but I do have to say he signed a lot of things and did a lot of pictures for his fans so that was pretty good of him.

Romance and Cigs = 7.5/10 (a odd movie with muscial performances by Tony Soprano)

Shame on Vince Vaughn for not coming!...and shame on Darren for coming in and saying Jen Aniston was there when she wasn' little heart skipped a beat with glee :P

Thumbsucker = 8.25/10

DAY 6 - C.R.A.Z.Y

Just saw a really really great Canadian (Quebec) film called C.R.A.Z.Y HIGHLY Recommend...both funny and touching

Rating = 9.5/10

So Gwyneth...what to say really. She's striking, sweet, thin...I acutally put my hand on her lower back for the phot...was that wrong...I think it may have been too much now that I think back to it. I'm glad I asked her though.

Last night at the Everything is Illuminated premiere...we saw Roger Ebert who I overheard say it is the best festival he's been to. Also saw Naomi Watts who was there to support her boyfriend's Liev Schrieber directorial debut...who else...oh, Elijah Wood

We saw Maria Menounos from ET...she's beautiful...I got a great photo I'll have to share

Life is good right now ;-)

Day 6

I had WAY too much to drink last night. I had way too much to drink at the Proof ater party last nihgt and, from the encouragment of other approahed Alan Cumming and had a conversation with him. I'm actually mortified. I thnk he thought I was trying to pick him up or thought I was a drunken obnoxious person :-( because I kept having to ask him to repeat what he was saying and then introduced me to his boyfriend I thing it was his way of saying um..nice try drunk boy, back off and leave me alone...oopsie. Me and alcohol are officially over.

It was fun getting in to the party, no presenet, but free drinks....see here I go again with the booze. Anyhow, I asked Gwenytth if I could ake a photo with her, she didn't stay very 5 minutes.

Christina Applegates huuby, Johnathon Sheck sp? was flirting big-time with so many women I couldn't keep it striaght

Back to the Alan Cumming thing... can you believe me? I'm such a fucking loser

Anyhow, from what I remember, which is very little, it was a good time.

Entre ses Mains rating = 6.5/10

Everything is Illuminated = 8.75/10

Slept through Harsh knew it was going to happen eventually...but on for today is C.R.A.Z.Y, Romance and Cigarettes, and Thumsucker

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!