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last of pics cont...

last of the pics

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Day 10...figured out how to add pics!!!

Day 10 - Madonna's New Album Cover

TIFF 05 Awards

A UK-South African collaboration that traces six days in the life of a ruthless gang leader has won the People's Choice Award at the 30th annual Toronto International Film Festival.

Tsotsi, a film by Gavin Hood and based on the novel by Athol Fugard, was selected by audiences as their favourite of 335 films from 52 countries screened over 10 days at the festival.

The Toronto-City Award for best Canadian feature went to Jean-Marc Vallee's C.R.A.Z.Y., a cinematic homage to the pop culture-saturated middle class of the 1970s.

Two first-timers shared the Citytv Award for best Canadian First Feature: Louise Archambault's Familia and Michael Mabbott's The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico. The filmmakers had to share a single trophy, at least for the moment.

The Discovery Award, voted on by international media, went to Australian Sarah Watt's Look Both Ways, while the FIPRESCI Prize, chosen by an international jury of film critics, went to South Korean Kang Yi-kwan's Sa-Kwa.

Day 10 - Off Topic Stephen Dorff FullFrontal

Just read this online kinda graphic description, but I'll leave it as is since I find it amusing but oscene (also fullfrontal aroused state in Le Temps Qui Reste):

at the Toronto Film Festival a movie called Shadowboxer starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Stephen Dorff plays a mob guy and there is a scene where is f*cking this girl from behind. He gets pissed at the noise outside his room, and pulls out of the girl to reveal his cock with a rubber still on it! It didn't look hard, but it was definitely a good 6" - 7" for sure. Not too thick, but had length.

Day 10 & J.A. on Oprah Monday!

Alert: Jennifer Aniston's first post-Brad doing Angelina T.V. interview on Oprah this Monday! Set those PVR's!

So it's all over...keeping this one brief.

I will do a final entry summing up the whole fest plus my favourite and worst films list.

Le Temps Qui Rests = 8.4/10
Look Both Ways = 5.5/10

Darren and I somehow always dislike the final film...glad we didn't break tradition this year.

So after my final entry (coming soon) I'm going to take a couple days rest before starting up a whole new blog. My new permanant blog will be all about celebs, movies, t.v. and other fun things...stay tuned


Day 10

Todays movies are:

Le Temps Que Restes (sp?) and Look Both Ways.

I thought about rushing the Timberlake movie, Edison, but Darren says he's seen enough :-P

End of Day 9

I'm a wee bit sad the the film festival is coming to an end. Kinda like Christmas Day after all the presents are opened :-(

51 Birch St = 8/10
Little Fish = 6.7/10
Transamerica = 9/10

Amazing performance pluss an unexpected Full frontal of Felicty goodness! Check out Transmerica when it opens. William H Macy accompanied her tonight...that's sweet. She's obviously with him for his personality. I wonder if she was insulted when she was asked to play the role of a man having a sex change to become a woman? Regardless, sweet, funny, touching film

Tomorrow...A Francois Ozon film, the name escapes me right now, and an Australian film, who's name I can't think of as my mind isn't working.

Our last day tomorrow...links to the rest of the films to come and some photos will be oline sometime Saturday evening.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Day 9

I just read some of Roger Eberts Film Fest blog...I wish I could review a movie like him, rather than my style of "it was good" Perhaps I may have th skill and have just been too busy/lazy to do it (where does he get the time?)

I've ssen so many films at this point that they are all starting to blur together...and not just hat, I've been hving some really odd dreams and sometimes I think that what I dreamt was actually in one of the movies I saw. Crazy

Darren just told me that he read some of my blog and that my speilling was awful....that's nice.

It's raining..hard...but that's ok because it just means it'll be cool enough to wear something really fall-like

For today:

Little Fish
51 Birch St.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

End of Day 8

L'Enfant 6.5/ 10 (Can't believe this won top honor at Cannes)
Sypmathy for Lady Vengence

And more imprtantly...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger and country singer Kenny Chesney are seeking an annulment after five months of marriage, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.

Publicist Nanci Ryder confirmed that Zellweger and Chesney, who stunned the entertainment world in May with a marriage on a beach in the Caribbean, had split.

Despite their fame and success -- Zellweger won an Academy Award for "Cold Mountain" and Chesney was named entertainer of the year in 2004 by the Country Music Association -- they had largely kept the relationship under wraps until the wedding.

Ryder could not say if either Zellweger, 36, or Chesney, 37, had filed court papers and had no further information about the split, which was first reported on People magazine's Web site.

The couple met at a benefit for tsunami relief and dated for four months before they wed.

Day 8

You ave no idea how excited I am that I got to sleep in today. Those 9am movies are killer. Woohoo!

Darren has a tiny little cold, so I'm a little pissed because what's a little sniffle for him usually turns out to be some torturous flu for me. I swear he must go around licking door-knobs while I'm using purell all the I just got over one of his colds two weeks ago...arghhhh

No news on being invited to any more parties, our lovely friends from Michigan are on their way back home, and only 8 more movies to go...things are beginning to wind down

We are 100% positive that we won't buy the Visa Screening Room packages next year, we do much better with our own selections and don't need TIFF to decide for us any more.

Today is:

The Heart of the Game
Lenfant (which one the top prize at this years Cannes)
Sympathy for Lady Vengence (the third of a thematic tirology, last one we saw was Old Boy which was my favourite of TIFF '04)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

End of Day 7

Britney Spears is a mommie to a little baby it's time to ask...can you or can't you breast feed with implants?

First chance to write today...and it's 11:54 pm

We did our first movie walk-out today... Everlasting regret. It may have been good, but I was just so bored by it..and connfused, as the two main actresses looked the same to me.

No super big star sightings...but Gerrard Butler was at the Beowolf premiere and there were around 20 40yr + women who were part of his fan club who drove from somewhere in the states...sooo friggin wierd...and a bit scary. I've never seen so much acid wash and hairspray in one room since...well ever actually. Cute guy but really people. (also saw Sarah Polly)

The director of Trust the Man, Juliane Morres hubby, was at the screening...he seems realy nice and down to earth. When this movie opens, supoosedly June '06, I HIGHLY rcommend it...really cute funny film.

I'm tired and am going to bed...but since my first movie tomorrow is at 1:15 (The heart of the Game) I'll be able to blog a wee bit tomorrow.

Saw Gwynie on Conan, she mentioned TIFF but not me...guess posing with me for a picture wasn't as memorable for her as it was for me...whatever

Wah Wah = 7.7/10
Trust the Man = 8.5/10
Everlasting Regret = ?
Beowolf and Grendel = 5.5

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

End of Day 6

Ethan Hawk loves popcorn! Our favourite male waif, who looks a little healthier nowadays, was eating popcron like a little piggie tonight (just an aisle and 1 row separated us)

Bobby Cannavale is dating Anabella Sciorra...the two love birds held hands all throughout the screening of Romance and Cigarettes.

Frances McDormand is the quintessential hippy...greasy hair and all...which Coen Bro is she married too Anyhow they were there too. For people with a lot of moola in their bank accounts and oscars on some shelf somewhere, you'd think they bathe before being in public like that.

That dude from CSI was at the Thumbsuckerscreening again with his cunty queeny boyfriend.
Who Revves really loves himself and proved it by laughing the loudest and leaning forward whenever he was on the screen...but I do have to say he signed a lot of things and did a lot of pictures for his fans so that was pretty good of him.

Romance and Cigs = 7.5/10 (a odd movie with muscial performances by Tony Soprano)

Shame on Vince Vaughn for not coming!...and shame on Darren for coming in and saying Jen Aniston was there when she wasn' little heart skipped a beat with glee :P

Thumbsucker = 8.25/10

DAY 6 - C.R.A.Z.Y

Just saw a really really great Canadian (Quebec) film called C.R.A.Z.Y HIGHLY Recommend...both funny and touching

Rating = 9.5/10

So Gwyneth...what to say really. She's striking, sweet, thin...I acutally put my hand on her lower back for the phot...was that wrong...I think it may have been too much now that I think back to it. I'm glad I asked her though.

Last night at the Everything is Illuminated premiere...we saw Roger Ebert who I overheard say it is the best festival he's been to. Also saw Naomi Watts who was there to support her boyfriend's Liev Schrieber directorial debut...who else...oh, Elijah Wood

We saw Maria Menounos from ET...she's beautiful...I got a great photo I'll have to share

Life is good right now ;-)

Day 6

I had WAY too much to drink last night. I had way too much to drink at the Proof ater party last nihgt and, from the encouragment of other approahed Alan Cumming and had a conversation with him. I'm actually mortified. I thnk he thought I was trying to pick him up or thought I was a drunken obnoxious person :-( because I kept having to ask him to repeat what he was saying and then introduced me to his boyfriend I thing it was his way of saying um..nice try drunk boy, back off and leave me alone...oopsie. Me and alcohol are officially over.

It was fun getting in to the party, no presenet, but free drinks....see here I go again with the booze. Anyhow, I asked Gwenytth if I could ake a photo with her, she didn't stay very 5 minutes.

Christina Applegates huuby, Johnathon Sheck sp? was flirting big-time with so many women I couldn't keep it striaght

Back to the Alan Cumming thing... can you believe me? I'm such a fucking loser

Anyhow, from what I remember, which is very little, it was a good time.

Entre ses Mains rating = 6.5/10

Everything is Illuminated = 8.75/10

Slept through Harsh knew it was going to happen eventually...but on for today is C.R.A.Z.Y, Romance and Cigarettes, and Thumsucker

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Day 5

We're already 2 movies into Day 5 and this is my first blogging opp.

Ok, so does anyone know that young guy from CSI called "Greg" Eric Szmanda Well we saw him in the Manulife Centre today and he's very gay and was with, what had to have been, his boyfriend

Breakfast on Pluto was EXCELLENT! Very strong performance by Cillian Murphay.

Rating = 9/10

11 Men Out was just so-so. we saw a smiliar movie at the Inside Out Fest called Guys with balls, which had a very similar storyline but was far superior. On the other hand, some really hot guys and our first full frontals of TIFF '05

Rating 5.8/10

Tonight...Vers le Sud and Everything is Illuminated (with Elijah Wood, is he cute or creepy? Can't decide)

Thank You for Smoking got a distributer at TIFF for something like 6.5 mill...well deserved the director Jason Rietmen is only 27.

I wish one of them would just give me a mill for no real reason...I mean it's not like they'd miss it...and I'd appreciate it. Um, every time Jakey G gets a movie rols would be equivelant to winning the 649 since he's aroung the $5 mill mak...that's so depressing

Sunday, September 11, 2005

End of Day 4 again


We aren't going to Dave Chapelle's Block Party...decided to skip it. Going to see Everything is Illuminated to come soon

End of Day 4

Making this quick as I'm dead tired.

Madonna did come to T.O. got to the Drowned Madonna link on the side to see pics. She's staying at the Soho and has half the hotel reserved. WOW! Notloving the hair or lipstick Mo-Mo

D and I have decided not to do buy the Visa Screening Room package in the years to come. The two movies tonight we're fact Bee Season was AWFUL

Oh..and in case anyone was wondering abut the Kirsten, Orlando, Jakey G love triangle. Jakey G and Kirsten sat next to each other tonight at the Bee Season Screening...(got a really good one of the back of their heads)...Maggie Gyl. and boyfriend Peter Sarsguard sat in front of them, and Jakey and Maggie's mom, who did the, sad to say, awful screenplay for Bee Season, sat net to Mags.

Bee Season rating = F
Entre Ses Mains = 6

I'm going to put some pics up...I got a great one of Jakey to share and not the back of his head. Nice!

Oh and I have a friend, I can't say his name bec ause I may have sent him the link to this blog, who I'm starting to think is socially retarded.

Tomorrow is... Breakfast on Pluto, Eleven Men Out, Vers le Sud, and Dave Chapelle's Block Party

Good Night

Day 4 - Alan's tummy

We have two hours to eat, shower, and get to tonight's movies.

I hate the channels the gym T.V's are set to arghhh...the reason I bring it up is because I kept seeing the onexone commercial and wondering what the hell it was exactly, why was Kate Hudson hosting it, and why at the Distillery? Well now that it's too late to get tickets seems as though it's going to be HOT. U2 and Colplay possibly performing..and a ton of celebs will be there. SHIT!

Last night was one of those really memorable festival moments. Brokeback Mountain was excellent...a slow dramatic romance...I keep thinking about it today...I will see it again when it opens in December. Heath Leger was there as was his VERY pregnant fiance? Michelle Williams (Jen from Dawson's Creek) and of course my lovely Jakey G. Unfortunately they didn't hang around to watch it :-( But it was still fun to see them. Ang lee, the director, after having travelled all the way to Toronto had to leave after just checking into his hotel to fly back to Venice, Brokeback won the top prize there...and is now enroute to come back to T.O. to attend the second screening. Yay Ang! A very brave film, brve actors for taking on the roll with HOT intimate moments! If this movie does well it will really open up some peoples eyes.

Corpse Bride...I was dissapointed that it was a Visa Sceening Room selection, since it's not my cup-of-tea, and it opens in like 3 days...but Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Tim Burton were there, so that was exciting. the most important story...The party last night. Sabrina called and told us that someone backed out, but that Darren porbably wouldn't be able to get in because it was one ticket per person and they had each persons name on the list and you had to show ID. He came with us just in case he may be able to get in. It was vry organized, no line-ups or anything. Sabrina managed to pull a few strings, and Darren was granted access.
It was AMAZING! The most unbelievable food was being sered, catered by Jamie Kennedy. It was an openbar...and I think this was the only time I've ever had endless free access to as many sour apple martinis as wanted (which were really good). he stars just walked around, we had complete access to them. I don't know the LOTR actors guy was the king-elf (also from matrix) Viggo of course, also the guy who played Viggo's brother in part 1 and then dies? Anyhow the elf-king guy was drunk drunk drunk and spilled red wine all down the front of his shirt! David Cronenberg was flirting with all these young ho women. It wasn't crowded at all, the music was pretty low, which meant you could actually have conversations with people.

Later on in the night my eyes pretty uch popped out of my head when Charlize Theron came in...we followed her for a while, stood next to her. She's veryt all and much thinner than I would have thought...drop dead beautiful...and a CHAIN SMOKER. Celebs ae allowed to do whatever whenever...I like that. I have the most fabulous picture of the back of her head...can't wait to share. I was one martini away from attempting to talk to her when we left. Lots of fullsize fun things in the bag, MAC makeup, shampoos, food, etc.

Today we saw two Aaron Eckhart sp? movies... Thank You for Smoking and Neverwas. Both were very good...Thank You for Smoking was excellent actually
TYFS rating = 8.75
Neverwas = 7.85

Alan Cumming, who was in Neverwas, made an appearence, got quite a good photo of him to share...has put on some weight...gilrfriend looked like he was 6 months preggers...oops.
Aaron is very striking and handsome...but his hair in the film kept reminding me of Bon Jovi (The versace ad years)

I'll try to share more about today's films tonight.

Tonight's movies...Bee Season (with Richard Gere and Juliet Binoche) and a French film Entre Ses Mains

Guy Ritchie's Revolver has its' world premiere tonight...I don't know if Madonna's here...does anyone know? I he she's not as I made the decision to not see revolver I might kick myself if she's here...but it's a chance I've decided to take.

Day 4 - Still Drunk


I'm up, eating toast, and still drunk.

I'll have to blog about last night between 3 and 5, which is my only free time today.

Does anyone remember...during my 6 months of being single since I was 16, I used to ask people to push me when someone hot walked past, that was my way of introducing that I think about it, that's a bit sick...anhyow, that what I was doing last night....but a more grown up version. As one of the fellowship walked past I would stand in thei way so that they'd have to touch me as they went by. I think that's stage one of turning into a stalker.

Lots to tell ya later

But quickly:

Brokeback Mountain (can't get it out of my head) 9.5/ 10
Corpse Bride (for what it is....claymation) 8/10
Viggo Mortenson 10/10 YOWZA!

Off to see Thank You for Smoking and Neverwas this a.m. and Bee Season and Entre ses Mains tonight (links will come later...I'm late!!!)

End of Day3 I'm drunk and CT

I'm fucking drunk. And...I literally rubbed up against half of Lord of the Rings and Charlize Theron....she's a chain smoker, drinks. I FUCKING LOVE FRE DRIKNS!!!!!!!!

I have pics!!!!!!!

And Brokeback Mountain is one of the best movies ever made

I got a bag ful of freebies from the party..I'm a celeb tonight

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 3 - KD

Just got back from from seeing Kirsten Dunst outside of Four Seasons....she's lovely, apparently paid a litle visit to her hairstylist for a few pounds of golden extensions...wondering if she has a room between Orlando and Jakey G...that way she can filp a coin to figure out whos turn it is...that whole thing confuses me.

L'Enfer was very good. I didn't realize it was part of the trilogy, in which I had already seen the 1st part called Heaven, so that was a pleasant surpirse.
Rating = 8.4

Paid a little visit to Holt's...I always feel a little more special when I'm walking around Yorkville with my a Holt's bag in hand..and have you seen the new bags they're using and their new logo...LOVE IT! The only problem is that the fabulous pink will be a little harder to coordinate with my outfit ;-)
n a few short hours I will be watching Heath and Jakey make out on the silver screen, while sitting right next to them...or if I'm super lucky, right on top ;-)

I won't be writing for the rest of the day, and may not write tonight if I end up having a good time at the party...but I'll do my best. Perhaps a drunken blog is in order?

Day 3 - Sleepy

It's day 3...amd I'm tired! Plus the hypochdria is kicking in a ouch...mysteriously tender glands under my jaw an chest. The final movie I'm seeing, Look Both Ways, is apparently not recommended for what was I thinking?

Anyhow, off to the gym This may be the last chance i get to run until this Thursday :-(

End of Day 2

I was very nervous walking to the Visa Screening Room tonight. The way it works is...if you have a gold visa you get to bypass the line up, wait in the Visa Lounge, and have first dibs at seats...since we have both the 6 and 9 pacakge, we don't want to have to leave the theatre and line up...and we never have in the past. But last year we had to fight with the stupid bitch volunteer who told us they wouldn't stamp our second set...anyhow we raised a stink and never had that problem again. So I was nervous that we would have to through all the drama tonight...but fortunatley we didn't have to...they had the same nice volutneers from last year an they actualy all remember us. No major freebies tonight (that's another get's like the poormans version of the Oscar basket for presenters). No free beer this year :-(
We did see our lovely friends from michign and our other friend Frida. It's nice to see them, but I can't believe it's been a year since we were sitting in the theatre with them, really feels like no time has passed.

Tidelands was BAAAAAD. We saw Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Tilly..and Terry Gilliam, who was quite witty. But the movie was just way to weird. It was so sick and twisted...went nowhere. The only really good TG movie, accrding to me is 12 Monkeys.
If it rates under 5 it gets an F. Tidelands = F

Shopgirl on the other hand...Lovely. A Hollywood Movie, but really good. I sat 3 seats away from Steve Martin, Clair Daines, and Jason Schwartzman (who by the way is tiny). The only problem with sitting so close is that I'm awlays watching them to see their reactions to certain scenes. Jason looked reall embarassed at his masturbation scene...Claire was unphased by the nude scene, Steve Martin loves himself and his comedic perfomances. Oh Dini Petty was there..ha! She told JS "Guy, you stole the movie" (which he did..he is soooooo funny and soooo talented...and I sill can't believe how small he is) and he siad "Guy?" He seems very down to earth too. I did get a real L.A. Story vibe, but much more mainstream. Nice bum Claire!
Rating = 8.5

Also saw the girl actress from Traffic...what's her name?

Managed to get some pretty good photos tonight...will post soon. D's waiting for me to watch the O.C. so i gotta run

Darren and I have been HIGHLY anticipating Brokeback Mountain, which we're seeing tomorrow, plus L'Enfer, and eeks Corpse Bride.

Too late for spell just deal

Friday, September 09, 2005

Day 2 - 2 more

Gotta make this short as I'm running late (just picked up my pass for tomorrow's party...took pic of it, but I don't quite know how to put photo's on this bloody's not like I'm at work and have a whole on of extra time o my hands to figure these sorts of things out!) says...Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, William Hurt, Ed Harris and Ashton Holmes invie you to...

So tonight is: Tidelands followed by Shopgirl. Should have some Steve Martin/ Claire Daines and possible others to tell ya about.

We'll also be reunited with a super nice couple we met last year who drive up from Michigan every TIFF (and also get the Visa Screening Room package(s))

Day 2 - See Be

I LOVED Be With Me!

Had the box office been open last night, when I found out the movie had virtually no spoken dialogue, I so would have swaped for something else (probably something trashy like Douche Froides) but thankfully it was closed.

Be With Me...Set in Singapore, 3 intertwoven stories about love, obsession, and loneliness. Almost all the dialogue takes place on paper, text message, and written out in the style of closed captioning...but it works...very well. I even shed a tear towards the end.


Day 2 pee-yew

It's 8 am and I'm heading out to catch Be With Me...which I just found out has ZERO dialogue. Wish me luck! And Darren smells like brewery...and it was impossible to sleep next to. I think I'm drunk from the fumes. He says the place was full of industry types but he only saw Dan Akroyd last night (tee-hee). However Little Mike's ex, Ryan, stood outside all night and never got that's fun.

Apparently on the news there was some strry about some woman who stayed outside the Starbucks in Yorkville yesterday...for 10 hours...but saw a TON of celebs. So if that's what you're after there's a game-plan for ya.

Ashley's friend is working securtiy for Anthony Hopkins and apparently he's going to Sasafraz (which I like to call Antsafraz or Sasafrants...long story if you don't already know) for dinner tonight @ 6:30. That's probably a secret...ha!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

End of Day 1 work was crazy. The network went down and I had no access to e-mail, Internet or anything work related. A bit chaotic actually.

Anyhow work is done with for a while and it's full TIFF ahead.

Tonight's movie, 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous was, I'm sad to say, not fabulous. There were highlights mind-you. The actor playing Jamie was so incredibly delicious oh my my. Darren got a wee bit annoyed when I let out a low level grunt whenever he appeared on the screen. A mostly shirtless New Zealander who resembles Josh Duhamel...HELLO!!!

So the movie itself... a coming-of-age/ coming out story...cute enough. Not really groundbreaking or anything I haven't seen before. A little slow at times, soft on dialogue, a bit contrived, and a soundtrack that consisted of what sounded like a 3rd grader practicing their recorder. Sure there were some funny moments, but for a comedy, not enough. The film Get Real has a similar plot and is far superior in my opinion. My rating... 6.3/10 (I may reassess at TIFF's conclusion)..(Jamie gets at 9.8 on my hottie scale...yum!)

One funny thing Heather thought was worthy of including…The director said that, since it was a world premiere, we were all virgins….I leaned over to Heather and whispered that I don’t think I’ve ever been called a virgin before ;-)

By the way, if you felt bad earlier on about Darren not being able to go to the party on Saturday...don't. Right now I'm home alone while he's out with Ashley at BRUCE WILLIS' party at Ultra... :-(

Ok...I have to go and watch my recorded episode of BB6 (Big Brother) GO JANELLE!!!

30 movies to go. Tomorrow's schedule is: Be With Me, Tideland, and Shop Girl…I should have some major celeb sightings to share tomorrow too!

Oh, I almost forgot...go to to hear a minute of Madonna's AMAZING new song Hung Up...and have you checked out the new IPod Nano? LOVE IT!!!

Day 1...non Tiff news

Don't forget...The O.C. starts its' 3rd season tonight, followed by the new show Reunion which looks pretty good.

Have you been watching Prison Break? (I don't actually have time for a new show, but PVR seems to be a lifesaver...all that extra time fastforwarding through commercials means time for a couple of new additions)...anyhow Prison Break is sooooo good...and I'm not quite sure why, but I feel so butch watching it...ha!

Day 1

Day 1
So it's Day 1...and I'm VERY excited.

Which abruptly me to the subject of how much info I want to this going to be strictly movie talk or should I get into things a little deeper.

Oh what the hell...I'm so excited that I have a nervous bladder. Does this happen to you? You get so anxious that you have to pee every five annoying, especially at work where I hate using the loo.

I also kinda wished that I had taken the day off today as I 'm far too preoccupied to actually get any work done (work that I have to complete today or I'll be thinking about while I'm off, which is the last thing I want to do). If I had taken the day off then I wouldn't have had this wardrobe dilemma I'm dealing with today. I didn't want to go the fest in my work clothes, because I’m hating them all right now, but I couldn't go to work in my casual I had to find a middle ground.

It's VERY important I wear the right thing because every movie could be a potential opportunity to be noticed by some L.A. big-wig who may think I'm perfect for some role they're casting...or maybe they'll see me and want me to star in the movie-of-the-week about the story of Robert Downey Jr...I mean I have to eventually cash in right? Can't you just picture me now on Jay Leno's couch (even though I prefer Letterman, Leno's the show to be on) talking about my blog and about how I was hoping to be discovered!

Tonight's movie is called "50 Ways of saying Fabulous" a film from New Zealand I'll tell you all about it later tonight

Oh and I just found out that I'll be attending the after-party for "A History of Violence" on Saturday night...YAY!!! (thanks Sabrina!)
(links to movies I mentionhere will be on the right...aren't I computer savvy?)

Day 1: Ab Fab

Did I mention that Darren won't be joining me at the "A History of Violence" party at the Brandt House? There was only one ticket so the poor thing is being left out...he's not very happy with me at the moment. Oh well ;-)

However I just got a voicemail from Ashley, who is close with the manager of Lobby and Ultra, so I'm thinking there may another TIFF party in our near future. So, even before seeing a movie, this is turning out to me one hell of a film fest.

Oh, for the record...I'm perfectly aware of my shitty punctuation...I'm comma crazy.

Did I mention that we have no extra dirty films as part of our selections this year? I try very hard to pick at least one movie with a known-in-advance- full frontal shot (my favorite was Antonio Sabato Jr. in Testosterone) but they just wouldn't fit into our schedule. Lie with Me is supposed to have a really good one of an erect Eric Balfour...sad to miss that one. Fingers crossed that I will unexpectedly come across a pee-pee in at least one our pics. or better yet, maybe I'll see some in the flesh in the washroom...I have been known to have to suddenly take a washroom break when I see some hottie celeb making a dash for the little boys room...that's so wrong, but I don't give a shit