Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day 1: Ab Fab

Did I mention that Darren won't be joining me at the "A History of Violence" party at the Brandt House? There was only one ticket so the poor thing is being left out...he's not very happy with me at the moment. Oh well ;-)

However I just got a voicemail from Ashley, who is close with the manager of Lobby and Ultra, so I'm thinking there may another TIFF party in our near future. So, even before seeing a movie, this is turning out to me one hell of a film fest.

Oh, for the record...I'm perfectly aware of my shitty punctuation...I'm comma crazy.

Did I mention that we have no extra dirty films as part of our selections this year? I try very hard to pick at least one movie with a known-in-advance- full frontal shot (my favorite was Antonio Sabato Jr. in Testosterone) but they just wouldn't fit into our schedule. Lie with Me is supposed to have a really good one of an erect Eric Balfour...sad to miss that one. Fingers crossed that I will unexpectedly come across a pee-pee in at least one our pics. or better yet, maybe I'll see some in the flesh in the washroom...I have been known to have to suddenly take a washroom break when I see some hottie celeb making a dash for the little boys room...that's so wrong, but I don't give a shit


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