Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day 1

Day 1
So it's Day 1...and I'm VERY excited.

Which abruptly me to the subject of how much info I want to this going to be strictly movie talk or should I get into things a little deeper.

Oh what the hell...I'm so excited that I have a nervous bladder. Does this happen to you? You get so anxious that you have to pee every five annoying, especially at work where I hate using the loo.

I also kinda wished that I had taken the day off today as I 'm far too preoccupied to actually get any work done (work that I have to complete today or I'll be thinking about while I'm off, which is the last thing I want to do). If I had taken the day off then I wouldn't have had this wardrobe dilemma I'm dealing with today. I didn't want to go the fest in my work clothes, because I’m hating them all right now, but I couldn't go to work in my casual I had to find a middle ground.

It's VERY important I wear the right thing because every movie could be a potential opportunity to be noticed by some L.A. big-wig who may think I'm perfect for some role they're casting...or maybe they'll see me and want me to star in the movie-of-the-week about the story of Robert Downey Jr...I mean I have to eventually cash in right? Can't you just picture me now on Jay Leno's couch (even though I prefer Letterman, Leno's the show to be on) talking about my blog and about how I was hoping to be discovered!

Tonight's movie is called "50 Ways of saying Fabulous" a film from New Zealand I'll tell you all about it later tonight

Oh and I just found out that I'll be attending the after-party for "A History of Violence" on Saturday night...YAY!!! (thanks Sabrina!)
(links to movies I mentionhere will be on the right...aren't I computer savvy?)


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