Friday, September 09, 2005

Day 2 pee-yew

It's 8 am and I'm heading out to catch Be With Me...which I just found out has ZERO dialogue. Wish me luck! And Darren smells like brewery...and it was impossible to sleep next to. I think I'm drunk from the fumes. He says the place was full of industry types but he only saw Dan Akroyd last night (tee-hee). However Little Mike's ex, Ryan, stood outside all night and never got that's fun.

Apparently on the news there was some strry about some woman who stayed outside the Starbucks in Yorkville yesterday...for 10 hours...but saw a TON of celebs. So if that's what you're after there's a game-plan for ya.

Ashley's friend is working securtiy for Anthony Hopkins and apparently he's going to Sasafraz (which I like to call Antsafraz or Sasafrants...long story if you don't already know) for dinner tonight @ 6:30. That's probably a secret...ha!


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