Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 3 - KD

Just got back from from seeing Kirsten Dunst outside of Four Seasons....she's lovely, apparently paid a litle visit to her hairstylist for a few pounds of golden extensions...wondering if she has a room between Orlando and Jakey G...that way she can filp a coin to figure out whos turn it is...that whole thing confuses me.

L'Enfer was very good. I didn't realize it was part of the trilogy, in which I had already seen the 1st part called Heaven, so that was a pleasant surpirse.
Rating = 8.4

Paid a little visit to Holt's...I always feel a little more special when I'm walking around Yorkville with my a Holt's bag in hand..and have you seen the new bags they're using and their new logo...LOVE IT! The only problem is that the fabulous pink will be a little harder to coordinate with my outfit ;-)
n a few short hours I will be watching Heath and Jakey make out on the silver screen, while sitting right next to them...or if I'm super lucky, right on top ;-)

I won't be writing for the rest of the day, and may not write tonight if I end up having a good time at the party...but I'll do my best. Perhaps a drunken blog is in order?


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