Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day 4 - Alan's tummy

We have two hours to eat, shower, and get to tonight's movies.

I hate the channels the gym T.V's are set to arghhh...the reason I bring it up is because I kept seeing the onexone commercial and wondering what the hell it was exactly, why was Kate Hudson hosting it, and why at the Distillery? Well now that it's too late to get tickets seems as though it's going to be HOT. U2 and Colplay possibly performing..and a ton of celebs will be there. SHIT!

Last night was one of those really memorable festival moments. Brokeback Mountain was excellent...a slow dramatic romance...I keep thinking about it today...I will see it again when it opens in December. Heath Leger was there as was his VERY pregnant fiance? Michelle Williams (Jen from Dawson's Creek) and of course my lovely Jakey G. Unfortunately they didn't hang around to watch it :-( But it was still fun to see them. Ang lee, the director, after having travelled all the way to Toronto had to leave after just checking into his hotel to fly back to Venice, Brokeback won the top prize there...and is now enroute to come back to T.O. to attend the second screening. Yay Ang! A very brave film, brve actors for taking on the roll with HOT intimate moments! If this movie does well it will really open up some peoples eyes.

Corpse Bride...I was dissapointed that it was a Visa Sceening Room selection, since it's not my cup-of-tea, and it opens in like 3 days...but Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Tim Burton were there, so that was exciting. the most important story...The party last night. Sabrina called and told us that someone backed out, but that Darren porbably wouldn't be able to get in because it was one ticket per person and they had each persons name on the list and you had to show ID. He came with us just in case he may be able to get in. It was vry organized, no line-ups or anything. Sabrina managed to pull a few strings, and Darren was granted access.
It was AMAZING! The most unbelievable food was being sered, catered by Jamie Kennedy. It was an openbar...and I think this was the only time I've ever had endless free access to as many sour apple martinis as wanted (which were really good). he stars just walked around, we had complete access to them. I don't know the LOTR actors guy was the king-elf (also from matrix) Viggo of course, also the guy who played Viggo's brother in part 1 and then dies? Anyhow the elf-king guy was drunk drunk drunk and spilled red wine all down the front of his shirt! David Cronenberg was flirting with all these young ho women. It wasn't crowded at all, the music was pretty low, which meant you could actually have conversations with people.

Later on in the night my eyes pretty uch popped out of my head when Charlize Theron came in...we followed her for a while, stood next to her. She's veryt all and much thinner than I would have thought...drop dead beautiful...and a CHAIN SMOKER. Celebs ae allowed to do whatever whenever...I like that. I have the most fabulous picture of the back of her head...can't wait to share. I was one martini away from attempting to talk to her when we left. Lots of fullsize fun things in the bag, MAC makeup, shampoos, food, etc.

Today we saw two Aaron Eckhart sp? movies... Thank You for Smoking and Neverwas. Both were very good...Thank You for Smoking was excellent actually
TYFS rating = 8.75
Neverwas = 7.85

Alan Cumming, who was in Neverwas, made an appearence, got quite a good photo of him to share...has put on some weight...gilrfriend looked like he was 6 months preggers...oops.
Aaron is very striking and handsome...but his hair in the film kept reminding me of Bon Jovi (The versace ad years)

I'll try to share more about today's films tonight.

Tonight's movies...Bee Season (with Richard Gere and Juliet Binoche) and a French film Entre Ses Mains

Guy Ritchie's Revolver has its' world premiere tonight...I don't know if Madonna's here...does anyone know? I he she's not as I made the decision to not see revolver I might kick myself if she's here...but it's a chance I've decided to take.


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