Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day 4 - Still Drunk


I'm up, eating toast, and still drunk.

I'll have to blog about last night between 3 and 5, which is my only free time today.

Does anyone remember...during my 6 months of being single since I was 16, I used to ask people to push me when someone hot walked past, that was my way of introducing that I think about it, that's a bit sick...anhyow, that what I was doing last night....but a more grown up version. As one of the fellowship walked past I would stand in thei way so that they'd have to touch me as they went by. I think that's stage one of turning into a stalker.

Lots to tell ya later

But quickly:

Brokeback Mountain (can't get it out of my head) 9.5/ 10
Corpse Bride (for what it is....claymation) 8/10
Viggo Mortenson 10/10 YOWZA!

Off to see Thank You for Smoking and Neverwas this a.m. and Bee Season and Entre ses Mains tonight (links will come later...I'm late!!!)


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