Monday, September 12, 2005

Day 5

We're already 2 movies into Day 5 and this is my first blogging opp.

Ok, so does anyone know that young guy from CSI called "Greg" Eric Szmanda Well we saw him in the Manulife Centre today and he's very gay and was with, what had to have been, his boyfriend

Breakfast on Pluto was EXCELLENT! Very strong performance by Cillian Murphay.

Rating = 9/10

11 Men Out was just so-so. we saw a smiliar movie at the Inside Out Fest called Guys with balls, which had a very similar storyline but was far superior. On the other hand, some really hot guys and our first full frontals of TIFF '05

Rating 5.8/10

Tonight...Vers le Sud and Everything is Illuminated (with Elijah Wood, is he cute or creepy? Can't decide)

Thank You for Smoking got a distributer at TIFF for something like 6.5 mill...well deserved the director Jason Rietmen is only 27.

I wish one of them would just give me a mill for no real reason...I mean it's not like they'd miss it...and I'd appreciate it. Um, every time Jakey G gets a movie rols would be equivelant to winning the 649 since he's aroung the $5 mill mak...that's so depressing


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