Tuesday, September 13, 2005

DAY 6 - C.R.A.Z.Y

Just saw a really really great Canadian (Quebec) film called C.R.A.Z.Y HIGHLY Recommend...both funny and touching

Rating = 9.5/10

So Gwyneth...what to say really. She's striking, sweet, thin...I acutally put my hand on her lower back for the phot...was that wrong...I think it may have been too much now that I think back to it. I'm glad I asked her though.

Last night at the Everything is Illuminated premiere...we saw Roger Ebert who I overheard say it is the best festival he's been to. Also saw Naomi Watts who was there to support her boyfriend's Liev Schrieber directorial debut...who else...oh, Elijah Wood

We saw Maria Menounos from ET...she's beautiful...I got a great photo I'll have to share

Life is good right now ;-)


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