Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Day 6

I had WAY too much to drink last night. I had way too much to drink at the Proof ater party last nihgt and, from the encouragment of other approahed Alan Cumming and had a conversation with him. I'm actually mortified. I thnk he thought I was trying to pick him up or thought I was a drunken obnoxious person :-( because I kept having to ask him to repeat what he was saying and then introduced me to his boyfriend I thing it was his way of saying um..nice try drunk boy, back off and leave me alone...oopsie. Me and alcohol are officially over.

It was fun getting in to the party, no presenet, but free drinks....see here I go again with the booze. Anyhow, I asked Gwenytth if I could ake a photo with her, she didn't stay very long...like 5 minutes.

Christina Applegates huuby, Johnathon Sheck sp? was flirting big-time with so many women I couldn't keep it striaght

Back to the Alan Cumming thing... can you believe me? I'm such a fucking loser

Anyhow, from what I remember, which is very little, it was a good time.

Entre ses Mains rating = 6.5/10

Everything is Illuminated = 8.75/10

Slept through Harsh Times...you knew it was going to happen eventually...but on for today is C.R.A.Z.Y, Romance and Cigarettes, and Thumsucker

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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