Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 8

You ave no idea how excited I am that I got to sleep in today. Those 9am movies are killer. Woohoo!

Darren has a tiny little cold, so I'm a little pissed because what's a little sniffle for him usually turns out to be some torturous flu for me. I swear he must go around licking door-knobs while I'm using purell all the I just got over one of his colds two weeks ago...arghhhh

No news on being invited to any more parties, our lovely friends from Michigan are on their way back home, and only 8 more movies to go...things are beginning to wind down

We are 100% positive that we won't buy the Visa Screening Room packages next year, we do much better with our own selections and don't need TIFF to decide for us any more.

Today is:

The Heart of the Game
Lenfant (which one the top prize at this years Cannes)
Sympathy for Lady Vengence (the third of a thematic tirology, last one we saw was Old Boy which was my favourite of TIFF '04)


Blogger Melissa said...

Great posts! I feel like I'm actually there!

10:36 PM


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