Thursday, September 08, 2005

End of Day 1 work was crazy. The network went down and I had no access to e-mail, Internet or anything work related. A bit chaotic actually.

Anyhow work is done with for a while and it's full TIFF ahead.

Tonight's movie, 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous was, I'm sad to say, not fabulous. There were highlights mind-you. The actor playing Jamie was so incredibly delicious oh my my. Darren got a wee bit annoyed when I let out a low level grunt whenever he appeared on the screen. A mostly shirtless New Zealander who resembles Josh Duhamel...HELLO!!!

So the movie itself... a coming-of-age/ coming out story...cute enough. Not really groundbreaking or anything I haven't seen before. A little slow at times, soft on dialogue, a bit contrived, and a soundtrack that consisted of what sounded like a 3rd grader practicing their recorder. Sure there were some funny moments, but for a comedy, not enough. The film Get Real has a similar plot and is far superior in my opinion. My rating... 6.3/10 (I may reassess at TIFF's conclusion)..(Jamie gets at 9.8 on my hottie scale...yum!)

One funny thing Heather thought was worthy of including…The director said that, since it was a world premiere, we were all virgins….I leaned over to Heather and whispered that I don’t think I’ve ever been called a virgin before ;-)

By the way, if you felt bad earlier on about Darren not being able to go to the party on Saturday...don't. Right now I'm home alone while he's out with Ashley at BRUCE WILLIS' party at Ultra... :-(

Ok...I have to go and watch my recorded episode of BB6 (Big Brother) GO JANELLE!!!

30 movies to go. Tomorrow's schedule is: Be With Me, Tideland, and Shop Girl…I should have some major celeb sightings to share tomorrow too!

Oh, I almost forgot...go to to hear a minute of Madonna's AMAZING new song Hung Up...and have you checked out the new IPod Nano? LOVE IT!!!


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