Saturday, September 10, 2005

End of Day 2

I was very nervous walking to the Visa Screening Room tonight. The way it works is...if you have a gold visa you get to bypass the line up, wait in the Visa Lounge, and have first dibs at seats...since we have both the 6 and 9 pacakge, we don't want to have to leave the theatre and line up...and we never have in the past. But last year we had to fight with the stupid bitch volunteer who told us they wouldn't stamp our second set...anyhow we raised a stink and never had that problem again. So I was nervous that we would have to through all the drama tonight...but fortunatley we didn't have to...they had the same nice volutneers from last year an they actualy all remember us. No major freebies tonight (that's another get's like the poormans version of the Oscar basket for presenters). No free beer this year :-(
We did see our lovely friends from michign and our other friend Frida. It's nice to see them, but I can't believe it's been a year since we were sitting in the theatre with them, really feels like no time has passed.

Tidelands was BAAAAAD. We saw Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Tilly..and Terry Gilliam, who was quite witty. But the movie was just way to weird. It was so sick and twisted...went nowhere. The only really good TG movie, accrding to me is 12 Monkeys.
If it rates under 5 it gets an F. Tidelands = F

Shopgirl on the other hand...Lovely. A Hollywood Movie, but really good. I sat 3 seats away from Steve Martin, Clair Daines, and Jason Schwartzman (who by the way is tiny). The only problem with sitting so close is that I'm awlays watching them to see their reactions to certain scenes. Jason looked reall embarassed at his masturbation scene...Claire was unphased by the nude scene, Steve Martin loves himself and his comedic perfomances. Oh Dini Petty was there..ha! She told JS "Guy, you stole the movie" (which he did..he is soooooo funny and soooo talented...and I sill can't believe how small he is) and he siad "Guy?" He seems very down to earth too. I did get a real L.A. Story vibe, but much more mainstream. Nice bum Claire!
Rating = 8.5

Also saw the girl actress from Traffic...what's her name?

Managed to get some pretty good photos tonight...will post soon. D's waiting for me to watch the O.C. so i gotta run

Darren and I have been HIGHLY anticipating Brokeback Mountain, which we're seeing tomorrow, plus L'Enfer, and eeks Corpse Bride.

Too late for spell just deal


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