Sunday, September 11, 2005

End of Day 4

Making this quick as I'm dead tired.

Madonna did come to T.O. got to the Drowned Madonna link on the side to see pics. She's staying at the Soho and has half the hotel reserved. WOW! Notloving the hair or lipstick Mo-Mo

D and I have decided not to do buy the Visa Screening Room package in the years to come. The two movies tonight we're fact Bee Season was AWFUL

Oh..and in case anyone was wondering abut the Kirsten, Orlando, Jakey G love triangle. Jakey G and Kirsten sat next to each other tonight at the Bee Season Screening...(got a really good one of the back of their heads)...Maggie Gyl. and boyfriend Peter Sarsguard sat in front of them, and Jakey and Maggie's mom, who did the, sad to say, awful screenplay for Bee Season, sat net to Mags.

Bee Season rating = F
Entre Ses Mains = 6

I'm going to put some pics up...I got a great one of Jakey to share and not the back of his head. Nice!

Oh and I have a friend, I can't say his name bec ause I may have sent him the link to this blog, who I'm starting to think is socially retarded.

Tomorrow is... Breakfast on Pluto, Eleven Men Out, Vers le Sud, and Dave Chapelle's Block Party

Good Night


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