Tuesday, September 13, 2005

End of Day 6

Ethan Hawk loves popcorn! Our favourite male waif, who looks a little healthier nowadays, was eating popcron like a little piggie tonight (just an aisle and 1 row separated us)

Bobby Cannavale is dating Anabella Sciorra...the two love birds held hands all throughout the screening of Romance and Cigarettes.

Frances McDormand is the quintessential hippy...greasy hair and all...which Coen Bro is she married too Anyhow they were there too. For people with a lot of moola in their bank accounts and oscars on some shelf somewhere, you'd think they bathe before being in public like that.

That dude from CSI was at the Thumbsuckerscreening again with his cunty queeny boyfriend.
Who else...um...Keanue Revves really loves himself and proved it by laughing the loudest and leaning forward whenever he was on the screen...but I do have to say he signed a lot of things and did a lot of pictures for his fans so that was pretty good of him.

Romance and Cigs = 7.5/10 (a odd movie with muscial performances by Tony Soprano)

Shame on Vince Vaughn for not coming!...and shame on Darren for coming in and saying Jen Aniston was there when she wasn't...my little heart skipped a beat with glee :P

Thumbsucker = 8.25/10


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