Wednesday, September 14, 2005

End of Day 7

Britney Spears is a mommie to a little baby it's time to ask...can you or can't you breast feed with implants?

First chance to write today...and it's 11:54 pm

We did our first movie walk-out today... Everlasting regret. It may have been good, but I was just so bored by it..and connfused, as the two main actresses looked the same to me.

No super big star sightings...but Gerrard Butler was at the Beowolf premiere and there were around 20 40yr + women who were part of his fan club who drove from somewhere in the states...sooo friggin wierd...and a bit scary. I've never seen so much acid wash and hairspray in one room since...well ever actually. Cute guy but really people. (also saw Sarah Polly)

The director of Trust the Man, Juliane Morres hubby, was at the screening...he seems realy nice and down to earth. When this movie opens, supoosedly June '06, I HIGHLY rcommend it...really cute funny film.

I'm tired and am going to bed...but since my first movie tomorrow is at 1:15 (The heart of the Game) I'll be able to blog a wee bit tomorrow.

Saw Gwynie on Conan, she mentioned TIFF but not me...guess posing with me for a picture wasn't as memorable for her as it was for me...whatever

Wah Wah = 7.7/10
Trust the Man = 8.5/10
Everlasting Regret = ?
Beowolf and Grendel = 5.5


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