Saturday, September 17, 2005

End of Day 9

I'm a wee bit sad the the film festival is coming to an end. Kinda like Christmas Day after all the presents are opened :-(

51 Birch St = 8/10
Little Fish = 6.7/10
Transamerica = 9/10

Amazing performance pluss an unexpected Full frontal of Felicty goodness! Check out Transmerica when it opens. William H Macy accompanied her tonight...that's sweet. She's obviously with him for his personality. I wonder if she was insulted when she was asked to play the role of a man having a sex change to become a woman? Regardless, sweet, funny, touching film

Tomorrow...A Francois Ozon film, the name escapes me right now, and an Australian film, who's name I can't think of as my mind isn't working.

Our last day tomorrow...links to the rest of the films to come and some photos will be oline sometime Saturday evening.


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